• A fake announcement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) circulated on various online platforms claiming that the SEC had decided not to appeal the Ripple case.
• In response, respected lawyer Jeremy Hogan debunked the fake news and hinted that if the SEC were to file an interlocutory appeal, it could potentially happen within this week.
• His informed response served to reassure the community that, despite false information circulating, there are legitimate legal processes and timelines in place for resolving cases such as Ripple v. SEC.

Fake SEC Posting Causes Confusion

The cryptocurrency community was sent into a flurry of speculation after a fake announcement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claimed that the commission had decided not to appeal the Ripple case. The fabricated news spread like wildfire across various online platforms, leaving investors and enthusiasts questioning the authenticity of the information.

Legal Expert Clarifies Situation

In response to the confusion, Jeremy Hogan, a respected lawyer at Hogan & Hogan, took to Twitter to clarify the situation. Hogan’s tweet debunked the fake SEC posting, stating unequivocally, “This SEC posting is fake.” The attorney’s intervention aimed to provide some clarity amid all of misinformation that had been circulating.

Implications for Cryptocurrency Landscape

The alleged decision not to appeal raised questions about potential implications for broader cryptocurrency landscape particularly considering XRP’s prominent position in market capitalization rankings among other coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum . Jeremy Hogan shared his perspective on situation by hinting that if SEC were to file an interlocutory appeal, it could happen within current week thus providing some reassurance in midst of false information circulating about legal process related with Ripple v .SEC Case .

Ripple Case Timeline

The ongoing legal battle between Ripple Labs and U . S Securities & Exchange Commission has seen several developments over past few months; ranging from initial complaints filed against company by regulator , motion filed by company in court seeking dismissal of case , subsequent denial of motion followed up by decision taken by court allowing defendants opportunity present their argument related with securities law violation etc .


The ripple case has been closely watched by crypto community as any outcome might have serious implications for industry as whole due its precedent setting nature . Even though fabricated news can be misleading but keeping track of timeline related with key developments in case is one way investors can stay informed about latest updates without getting derailed by any misinformation .